Hosting trays – Serving solutions

Hamasbia Aviation Meals Industries Ltd. offers a wide range of hospitality solutions, from simple in-house staff receptions, through seminars, meetings and product launches, home hospitality, synagogue functions, and on to large corporate events.
To put it simply: Hamasbia is your one-stop-shop in response to all gastronomic and hospitality issues.
Hamasbia’s chefs and logistical staff are fully responsive from the start: the event setting, through the cooking and preparation and to the final packaging and delivery. The entire process is carried out professionally and with strict adherence to all the rules and regulations.
Fresh hospitality trays, sliced fruit and vegetables, sandwiches and desserts. Dairy or meat, and of course also pareve. Fresh healthy salads, hot dishes and pastries. All of these can be ordered, including and especially for, traditional Jewish holidays.
And – all this excellence is Badatz ultra-Orthodox kosher. Thus all your guests can enjoy and indulge in a splendid meal, whether they want / need strictly kosher or not

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